Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Make A New Dress!

Hi, Why not make a pretty girls dress, it 10 minutes,
Step 1: Hem the side seam on both sides of the dress,
Step 2: Sew lace on the bottom of  the dress.
Step3: Turn the dress inside out, sew the side seam together.
Step 4: Put the dress on the child, to work out where to put the ribbons, pin in place, take the dress off the child and sew the ribbons into place.
Step 5: Put dress back onto child and take photo for Scrapbooking.
For this dress I used 60cm off the fabric, 2 metres of ribbon and 1 metre of lace for the bottom, this worked out to be size 6 and there is still room to grow, just add legging as it gets shorter.

Thanks from the girls at Fred.

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